sustainable design Team

This is our team of worldwide innovators who have realized the importance of running sustainable businesses. The Earth should not have to suffer to put food on our plates. These ambitious individuals are blazing the trail for the new age of business, art, design & fashion.


Beautiful PM. : France/Portugal

Francois Jaubert, aka Beautiful.PM, is a young retired architect. He was having much success in the architecture world- winning award after award for his skills as well as teaching Architecture Courses at Universities throughout Europe. Against his friends and families advice, he decided to completely change the direction of his life. He quit his lucrative career and devoted himself to being an Ecological Innovator. 

Surfing was the main source of his inspiration. He devoloped an approach based on aesthetics and the relationship between the surfer and the natural environment. Conserned with ecological innovation, he developed a craft based around recycled products and materials to make the surf industry more creative, sustainable & ecological. His ideas quickly gained worlwide exposure winning awards for his surfboards made from discarded cardboard throughout the coastline of Portugal.

Noticing that he was onto something, he crowd funded his way to The States where he came in contact with SCBCP Founder , Shon Miller, who took him into his house and let him sleep on his couch rather than pay for hotel rooms for a month. While staying in San Clemente, Francois was able to connect with the best surfboard shapers in the world and began working on projects with them. He is now traveling the world exposing his art, design & inventions anas well as spreading the message of sustainability!


Mulch California : San Clemente, CA

In 2015, brothers Mehr and Philippe Zarif created Mulch California with a vision to help change the world of fashion from a state of extreme conformity and wastefulness to one that promotes individuality and sustainability. 

Our sustainable fashion house is head quartered in San Clemente, California where we originate our designs, make our patterns, hand dye and cut our fabrics, and handcraft every garment.  Mulch is bringing the craft back into the industry.

Leading our design team is Mehr Alejandro, who started tailor making one-of-a-kind pants for high-profile clientele. After quickly garnering attention for his superb fit and unique designs, he realized there was a growing market for high-quality handmade clothing.  

Mulch is a grass root movement with focus on quality and conservation and innovation.  We have created our local supply chain based on shared values of transparency, responsibility and ethics. 

We care about our planet, our community and committed to bringing change to the fashion industry for like-minded individuals


The Old Mates : Australia/NSW

"We call our selves "the old mates" a bunch of dudes who live near Wollongong, which is just South of Sydney. We love live music, surfing, shaping, and most important of all: we love our beaches and oceans and want sustainability everywhere we go! 

Unfortunately not everyone is the same and there is waste in our oceans worldwide. There are a few beach clean up groups in Wollongong, but there is much more waste entering the oceans than we can control. 

We were in San Clemente for the Vissla Creators & Innovators competition, a worldwide platform for inventors creating boards made out of waste material, and we met the San Clemente Beach Conservation Team! They inspired us all to take this organization back home to us on the south coast of New South Wales! 

Now, with all of us together are trying to make this a worldwide organization to get the word out so we can all enjoy beautiful beaches for generations to come!