Working Wednesday Beach Clean Up

The newest addition to our ever growing list of clean ups is aimed at the working class adults (along with their children) who have work on Fridays & weekends when the rest of our clean ups are held. After an outpouring of interest from San Clemente's working force we wanted to be able to provide them with a midweek clean up so they can do their part! If you are a hard working individual looking to give back to the community- join us for a fun midweek clean up! We will be holding these EVERY 1st WEDNESDAY of EVERY OTHER MONTH throughout the ENTIRETY of 2017! Join the party!!!

Free Breakfast & Beach Clean w/ Friends

San Clemente Beach Conservation Program has yet again partnered with The California Coastal Commission, California State Parks & La Galette Restaurant to bring you a fun filled day on the beach with friends and family. We will be providing volunteers with free breakfast and coffee before we hit the beach at San Onofre to adopt ANOTHER beach in San Clemente. Come out, eat good food, meet amazing people, and give back to one of the most amazing communities on the face of the planet. Hope to see everyone there. Parking is provided by California State Parks and will also be free of charge so don't be bashful- JOIN THE PARTY!!!!♥ (To help everyone remember: these clean ups will now be EVERY 3rd SATURDAY of EVERY MONTH of 2017)