We are a small scale grass-roots non-profit organization with an extreme passion for creating awareness for sustainability in our local area as well as worldwide.

With that being said, your donations do not go towards funding private jet excursions and executive salaries. When donating to our non-profit you DIRECTLY become part of our team that is fighting to make San Clemente, California (and ultimately the entire planet) a better, safer, prettier, and healthier place. 

Everyone who donates will receive a personal email stating what your donation will be utilized to help with. Unlike other large scale non-profits where you have NO idea what your donation was used for - The Beach Conservation Program is an organization you can donate to and KNOW what issue you are helping to solve.

We realize that most people have three things to contribute: time, money, and talent. If you are someone that has a lack of available capital - don't feel bad. It's understandable. We would love to have you donate your time or talent instead. It comes down the fact that YOU are extremely valuable to the growth of our organization. We need each other to further our mission in making this world a better, healthier place. In the meantime we will keep you up to date on our schedule of beach cleaning events. We would love to have you join our team!