The Beach Conservation Program has applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, and is currently accepting donations.  Upon confirmation by the IRS of our tax-exempt status, donors will be eligible to claim a tax deduction, to the extent allowed by law, for donations made to our organization.


To Express Gratitude for our Beaches and Raise Awareness for Sustainability Worldwide


To educate the world about the need for creating less waste



C - Commitment to Preserving our Beaches
L - Love & Respect for our Planet
E - Empower our Community to Implement Change
A - Accept Responsibility for our Wasteful Lifestyles
N - Never Give Up! Every Bit Helps!

The Beginning

In August 2016, San Clemente Native Shon Miller decided to take his passion for cleaning up litter on his local beaches to a new level. After owning and operating multiple businesses he was confident in his ability to bring together large groups of individuals to support a positive cause. Noticing that his beloved hometown was expanding at a rapid rate, he saw the need to implement awareness for the rise in local litter in and around the beaches of San Clemente, California.

Within 2 months of creating a buzz around The San Clemente Beach Conservation Program and gaining exposure worldwide he realized this could be something much bigger than he had imagined. On top of that, after months of collecting data and educating himself on worldwide environmental issues, he realized the message he needed to spread to the world was much more important than previously projected. He immediately set his sights on connecting with worldwide creators & innovators who could influence a much broader spectrum of the worlds population. Connecting with teams in France, Portugal, Australia & Guatemala- he quickly gained a worldwide presence for the Beach Conservation Program.

After working with the worldwide teams and collecting yet more data, he and his teams realized they could not JUST keep cleaning the beaches. They needed to get to the root of the issue: why is there so much trash on the beaches? Why is our society creating so much waste? The answer: a lack of awareness and education. They were going to have to shift their sights towards implementing change within their local communities and raise awareness for leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

In December 2016, after only 4 months since it's inception, The Beach Conservation Program had held 12 beach clean ups worldwide and collected over 350 pounds of trash off the earths beautiful coastlines. On top of that their teams of international sustainable inventors had won multiple awards for their craftsmanship. The teams also had their designs displayed in Museums worldwide and began filming adocumentary raising awareness for sustainability and their dream of a "Recycle Revolution". Their ambition and passion to implement immediate and substantive change in such a short period of time is nothing short of inspirational.

In 2017, The Beach Conservation Program is excited to finalize their 501(c)(4) Social Welfare Organization license in order to, not only carry out their 24 planned beach clean ups in the US alone, but also to have the ability to lobby for issues dear to the betterment of San Clemente and the planet as a whole. The future looks bright!

Board Members

Sean Brenner
Sean Kappauf
Francois Jaubert
Jon C. Zeiger
Shon Miller